Find Apartments & Homes for Rent in near Idaho State University in Pocatello, ID find apartments and homes for rent near Idaho State University in Pocatello, ID
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Most Recent Rental Listings
Available Nov 1! Private - Spacious - Close to ISU!
Pocatello, ID
1 Bed(s) - 1 Bath(s)
- $ 415.00
Hillside Village Apts: 1/2 mile from ISU
Pocatello, ID
4 Bed(s) - 2 Bath(s)
- $ 325.00

Most Popular Rental Listings
Hillside Village Apts: 1/2 mile from ISU
Pocatello, ID
4 Bed(s) - 2 Bath(s)
- $ 325.00
Available Nov 1! Private - Spacious - Close to ISU!
Pocatello, ID
1 Bed(s) - 1 Bath(s)
- $ 415.00

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       Just in case your having a little trouble getting around on We thought we would provide a few tips to help browsing around and to make posting your rental ad a little easier. We'll add more and more tips as we receive questions from users. Again, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. Thanks.

    How to List your Property:

       First register as a member. Don't worry it's free and it allows you to access the control panel.... by the way if you just registered you'll find your password in your email inbox. You can change your password once you login.

       Now if you haven't already, check out our Ad Rates & feature comparisons to select an ad that best fits your needs. For instance: our Basic 30-day ad is $29.00; upload up to 5 pictures, a hit counter and much more. We also run specials from time to time so if you have any questions please don't hesitate to call (208) 220-1674 or send an email to

       Now that you've decided on an ad, log in to verify your account settings and purchase "Listing Credits"....It's easiest to pay via Paypal since it activates your ad instantly, but during regular business hours we do take cash, checks, and major credit cards via phone, fax, or mail.

       Now just finish up by adding your apartment or home for rent and fill your vacancy! Check for more tips on adding your property below! Come back and log in anytime! Change your ad as much as you like!

    Help Browsing the Pocatello area via Google Maps
    If it's taking a while, be patient. Google's Mapping graphics are huge and especially when combined with searching property addresses from a database.
    To view a property, just double click on the icon. Follow the link for the rental home's details.
    To view Satellite imagery of an area. Just hit the Satellite button (top right of map) once you've selected the city you want to view. "Holt arena is pretty noticeable."
    Tips for adding your rental ad to
    When entering your property's address make sure to add the suffix. For instance: St., Ave., Ln.,etc.. It's always a good idea to verify your home's address on the map after you've added it.
    If your property is newly constructed in a newly constructed subdivision the address may not be in the nationwide geocoding database; therefore it may not map your property correctly. It should map it in the vicinity however and it's probably a good idea to make a note of it in your property's description.
    Once you've added your property hit the "Rented?" button to activate your ad. It should change to "No". Once you've filled your vacancy just login and hit the button to switch it to "Yes" to inactivate your ad.

    Now that you've rented your property- DO NOT DELETE IT. Just hit the button "Rented" and it changes to "Yes". That keeps you from ever having to re-enter the property data/pictures into the database. So when your lease is up and it's time to re-list it. Just "Re-activate" the ad and change rented back to "No". Also allows you to keep the same (id#) to reuse your For Rent sign.


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